Questions about wedding photography in Reigate and Surrey

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Frequently Asked Questions...

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Q) Do you visit the venue before the wedding day?

Yes! I always visit your venue(s) either with you or on my own about 3-4 weeks before the wedding day.  This allows me to see the light at the right time of year for your wedding and to do a recce of ideal locations for photographs.

Q) How long are you with us on the day?

I will be with you from bridal preparation through to first dance, I do not restrict by number of hours attended on the day.

Q) How many photos do you take and are they all going to be edited?

Yes! I take around 400-500 photos and all the photos you receive will be edited in my style and ready to print. They are NOT straight out of the camera files. What you see in your gallery is what you will get.

Q) So does that mean I own the copyright for my photos?

Not exactly. What I give you is a license to print your photos anywhere, anytime. All photographers retains copyright to their photos, so this just means you cannot sell, modify or enter your photos into any contests.

Q) Can we upload our favourite photos on facebook?

I want you to have share your photos with family and friends around the world, so go ahead and tag and share them, just remember the photo credit to Jo Hughes Captive Photography!

Q) Can we make our own prints?

Yes!  All the album collections and deluxe collection include a download of high resolution files for printing. 

Q) How do we order prints and other products from you?

You, your family and friends can order regular prints directly through your online proofing gallery.  I use a fabulous professional lab that produces high quality prints that will last so if you’d like to leave the printing up to me, just order your prints through your web gallery. Other products such as frames, albums, books and thank you cards can be ordered with me.